Outdoor accessories insulated with milkweed, an innovative plant fiber.

Harvested, designed and made in Canada.

From harvest to your hands

Long forgotten by the industry, milkweed floss is naturally warm and waterproof. In fact, this humble perennial plant outperforms most insulating materials.

All this, grown locally.

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Safe haven for monarchs

Milkweed is the preferred breeding plant for monarch butterflies. By growing it on a larger scale, we are giving this threatened species ideal breeding grounds, just before they head back south.

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Responsible and cruelty-free

Growing milkweed does not require fertilizers or pesticides. It is a wonderful alternative to goose down (which comes from animal exploitation), as well as all synthetic petroleum-based insulation.

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Responsible innovation

Our products are a major breakthrough in the apparel and accessories industry. We are crafting the first products made with 100% milkweed insulation.