Accessories using milkweed insulation, a miraculous and natural fiber.

Harvested, designed and made in Quebec, Canada.

From harvest to your hands

Long ignored by the industry, milkweed is the warmest, most waterproof and eco-responsible insulation available.

All this, grown locally.

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Paradise for monarchs

Milkweed is the preferred breeding plant for monarch butterflies. Threatened, this species finds a new hope thanks to the recent cultivation of milkweed on a larger scale.

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Responsible and cruelty-free

Growing milkweed does not require fertilizers or pesticides. It is a wonderful alternative to goose down (which comes from animal exploitation), as well as all synthetic petroleum-based insulation.

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Responsible innovation

Our products are a major breakthrough in the apparel and accessories industry. We are crafting the first products made with 100% milkweed insulation.