Order Fulfillment

Given the young age of our company, we want to minimize our risks while ensuring that we do not overproduce, a major problem in the apparel industry that results in waste. To do this, we operate on a pre-order basis, with items being produced within 30-90 days after the purchase.An easy way to find out approximately when you will receive your Lasclay order is to look at the title of the product purchased in your order confirmation.. The month in the title (e.g. December 2021) indicates the month we expect to process the order. Once we have processed your order, a Canada Post tracking number will be sent to you immediately by email and/or SMS.

Beware of emails telling you that a package has been held and that you must pay a fee to release or receive it. The shipping companies will never write to you directly as they do not have your personal information and we do not share it with any third party. Also, we ship exclusively with Canada Post, so any email mentioning another company will be of even less concern to your Lasclay order.

Delivery time

Once the ordered items have been manufactured and are ready for shipping, shipping is fairly quick. Given the delays associated with our pre-order model, it goes without saying that speedy postal delivery is a priority for us..

Our Standard shipping service is offered at the low rate of $9.50 (it actually costs us between $10.50 and $18, depending on the destination) and we use Canada Post's Expedited service, with a tracking number. Orders are shipped from our Quebec City warehouse and will generally be delivered within the following time frames, depending on the destination province:

  • QC: 2-5 business days
  • ON, NB: 4-8 business days
  • NS, PE, NL: 4-8 business days
  • MB: 6-8 business days
  • BC, AB, SA: 7-10 business days

Please note that since Canada Post does not deliver on weekends, it is possible that an order processed towards the end of the business week may take a little longer to be delivered.

Why do we ship with Canada Post?

Some delivery services, such as Purolator, are cheaper and sometimes faster. Others, like Intelcom, deliver on the weekend. So why do we consistently use Canada Post for all our orders?

The reason is simple: we think of the customer first.

Unlike all other shipping companies, Canada Post has offices on almost every corner, including partner drug stores. This means that if a customer is not home at the time of delivery, their package will be safely stored at the nearest Canada Post office, just a few blocks away in most areas. No need to go to an industrial park across town to pick up your package. No parcels left in a hurry on the doorstep, up for grabs to thieves.

This key principle of proximity also benefits you if you ever want to return your Lasclay product. Our return process is simple and also works with Canada Post. If you request a return, you will quickly get a digital shipping label, which you can print and stick on your return package. All you have to do then is leave it in the red Canada Post mailbox around the corner, and it's done!