Before buying a product online, it is important to be certain of our purchase. Whether it's to be reassured about the quality of the product or to have other people's feedbacks about the efficiency of the after-sale service offered by a company (especially a young one like ours), it is often necessary to read the opinions of other people who have bought and tried before us.

To make this process easier, we have prepared exhaustive compilation of all the comments present on the Reviews section of our Facebook page. Since last year we only did a limited launch in Quebec and Ontario, the reviews are mostly in French. Therefore, we included an English translation under each review.

 Monette recommends Lasclay (Sep 18, 2021):
Great after sales service! All my questions were answered and my little problems were solved! Fast, courteous and personalized service! Thank you

Mitaines Lasclay - Avis confort grandeur

Agathe recommends Lasclay (May 28, 2021):  
Super happy with my mittens! 🤩they arrived super fast! i was afraid they would be too big given some of the previous comments, but i have small hands, the xs fit great, i love that they cover the wrist well. Just have to test them during winter, but they seem very warm 😃

Lasclay - Avis qualité service

Emmanuelle recommends Lasclay (May 28, 2021):
I have been waiting a long time to be able to buy milkweed products made here in Quebec. And when I saw the illustrations, I was thrilled because they are the perfect addition to my home office. Thank you to the founders and creators behind this wonderful initiative! And bravo for your courage to innovate and for your excellent after-sales service!

Lyse recommends Lasclay (May 25, 2021):
Very good customer service! Thank you for sending us our two pairs of mittens that we can't wait to try next winter. I had a good service from Gabriel among others! Be sure that I will make your product known to the people around me. Long live your local company that sells a local product!

Isabelle recommends Lasclay (May 23, 2021):
For an example of great customer service, Lasclay is right there at the top. I have yet to receive my mittens, because Canada Post lost the first shipment made by Lasclay 😭. As soon as the loss was confirmed, I contacted the Lasclay team who immediately prepared a second shipment, which I should receive in the next few days. I am so excited! All my communications with Lasclay have been simple, quick and efficient. The team has a customer approach based on trust and customer satisfaction. And what about the product, 100% and environmentally friendly! Really, I warmly recommend them (no pun intended 😉 )
UPDATE MAY 26: I finally received my mittens! As satisfied with the product as with the customer service beforehand. Thank you Lasclay!

Louise recommends Lasclay (May 18, 2021):
Well first of all this whole project is fabulous. I admire your audacity. The video is super interesting with good explanations of all your adventures and misadventures. Congratulations! I was really happy to receive my mittens. Well, they were too big but I went ahead and exchanged them. Very easy to do with the right instructions given and within a week I received my new mittens in the right size. Excellent and fast service. I wish you the best of success and good continuity and without any hesitation, I recommend this young company.

recommends Lasclay (April 30, 2021):  
I received my beautiful mittens.
Beautifully made. I still have to test them this winter. 😊👏👏

Gen recommends Lasclay (April 22, 2021):
Quality product. Excellent Service.

recommends Lasclay (April 22, 2021):  
The mittens are beautiful. They were a gift for my boyfriend and I promise to buy some for myself in the fall. Moreover, the personalized service is very nice. Thank you guys, together we will save this planet!

Comment (Yolande): I bought a pair of mittens. They are very comfortable, it's soft inside, only the measures did not suit me. I contacted Lasclay, the exchange service was fast, efficient, I thank them.

Francine recommends Lasclay (April 22, 2021):
Despite the delays and constraints of the pandemic in their early days, they provided exemplary service. These young entrepreneurs kept us informed and responded very quickly when we wrote to them. Hats off to this young company. Unfortunately, the mittens are too big for me but I will find a buyer, I am sure. However, I have ordered another pair, this time the right size.

Danielle recommends Lasclay (April 22, 2021):
The most beautiful mittens in the world! Thanks to the company and long live them! I will recommend them to all my friends! Finally, my hands will be warm in winter.

Lise recommends Lasclay (April 20, 2021):
I can't wait for it to get cold so I can try my new milkweed lined mittens.... 🙌

Sylvie recommends Lasclay (April 20, 2021):
What beautiful mittens! I'm really happy, their quality and design is just wow!!! Long live this company and all those who worked on this beautiful project!!!

Johanne recommends Lasclay (April 19, 2021):
I received my pair of mittens this morning, they are beautiful! They are really worth the purchase price. Quality, minimalism and high performance, everything is there! Thank you Lasclay, Canadian company, for your vision, your values and for offering a product designed for our winters!

Josee recommends Lasclay (April 17, 2021):
Hello. I just received my mittens. They are just perfect! The inside is super soft and the size is perfect. It was well worth the wait. I can't say I'm looking forward to next winter, but ......... thank you so much for such a great product!

Annie recommends Lasclay (April 17, 2021):
I just received my mittens and they are a-ma-zing! I'm already looking forward to next winter so I can use them ❄

Louise recommends Lasclay (April 16, 2021):
I love my mittens! Great craftsmanship and they look very warm! Thank you!!! Good luck in your wonderful business.

Johanne recommends Lasclay (April 16, 2021):
I just received my mittens! They are very nice and comfortable. Thank you, thank you for the milkweed seeds and the coupon for another pair of mittens. I will definitely use it. Congratulations and good luck in the continuation of your beautiful business.
Johanne D.

Jacques recommends Lasclay (April 10, 2021):
Order your mittens now. Buy Canadian. Very conscientious company. Thank you

Tess recommends Lasclay (March 24, 2021):
Very satisfied with the after sales service. The mittens I ordered were too big. I received my new mittens and they are just perfect. I love these mittens with their timeless style. Thank you Lasclay!!! Long live 🧡

 Lucie recommends Lasclay (March 23, 2021):
Wow! I received my new pair of mittens and they are awesome! I ordered the wrong size and Gabriel made the replacement in record time and without any hassle! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Louise recommends Lasclay (March 28, 2021):
Hello, I want to emphasize the quality of the after-sales service. I ordered the wrong size of mittens and had to return them. Everything was done without any problem, at a very satisfactory cost. I received the right size today, my mittens are perfect. Thanks to Gabriel for the support and the quality of the service offered. Long live Lasclay. 

Robert recommends Lasclay (March 11, 2021):
The mittens are of excellent workmanship, good materials and beautiful finish. Guaranteed warmth, I recommend them. Congratulations to this young company.

Sylvie recommends Lasclay (March 10, 2021):
I received my mittens last week and in rather cold weather I tried them on. They are very warm and I did not feel any cold sensation. I am very satisfied with them and I recommend them without any doubt. Thank you for your great product and I am very proud to support a very local company. I would like to add to my experience the fact that my mittens were not quite my size. I returned them and 1 week later I received my mittens and this time they fit very well. An impeccable service and an exemplary speed. I recommend this company and this good product from Quebec.

Denis recommends Lasclay (March 8, 2021):
Hey, what a surprise this morning! Delivery of my Lasclay mittens (milkweed insulated).
So comfortable! The wait was so worth it!
These mittens are a local, responsible and vegan product because they are picked (milkweed, not mittens 🤣)designed and assembled in Quebec by a bunch of young entrepreneurs that I encourage you to support. And what about the attention paid to the customer experience: personalized thank you, seeds, mitt clip, image and 10% off a future purchase, all good stuff, to keep even after the product launch phase 😉
A marketing that offers a customer experience to be cited as an example! I can't wait to see their next milkweed-insulated products. So this is one company to watch! Let's wish them the best of luck for the future of their business 🦋

Julie recommends Lasclay (March 6, 2021):  
I received my beautiful mittens, they are so warm! Thank you Lasclay!
(Poncho, scarf and toque: BoutiqueKSL, Canadian products)

Justin recommends Lasclay (March 6, 2021):
I bought a pair of mittens for a gift. The product is great quality and very comfortable. I have to admit that it made me want to keep them haha Very happy with my purchase that will stand the test of time 🙂 Thanks Lasclay!

 recommends Lasclay (March 6, 2021):
The mittens that were ordered for a holiday gift have been received! The birthday girl who does a lot of outdoors is very happy. Beautiful mittens sent in a beautiful milkweed wrapper, a small bag of seeds that we can't wait to sow and a beautiful card of a monarch butterfly, with a personalized Thank You. All these details add to the customer experience. Thank you! Only constructive comment... The mittens pattern is made a little too large for little women's hands 😉  

Chantal recommends Lasclay (March 4, 2021):  

Andree recommends Lasclay (March 4, 2021):
I just received my mittens and am very pleased! I am also looking forward to planting the milkweed! I love the philosophy of your company. 💙 Thank you and good luck!!!

Nancy recommends Lasclay (March 4, 2021):
So happy to have received my mittens!
Great company from here with a wonderful project that is really worth encouraging. The mittens are very nice and especially very warm! And of very good quality. I highly recommend them and I can't wait to plant my milkweed seeds! Thank you Lasclay and long life to you!

Comment (Francoise): 
Thank you Lasclay for the warm, light, comfortable and minimalist mittens! I encourage you to continue on your path! I recommend your products without hesitation! Especially since your customer service is impeccable! Long live!