Insulated tote bag

$59.99 CAD
$44.99 CAD

This handy little milkweed-insulated tote bag is ideal for your get-togethers or everyday use, keeping your food and drinks cool. Can be used as a lunch bag or as a small cooler to carry a few canned beverages or two bottles of wine.

Harvested, designed and crafted with passion in Canada.


External size:
14'' / 35cm (Height).
9.75'' / 23cm (Width)

12'' / 30cm

Internal size:
12'' / 30cm (Height)
8'' / 20cm (Width)

4 x 473mL/16oz cans
or 2 750mL/25oz wine bottles


Outer shell: 100% Cotton

Lining: 100% PVC

Insulation: 70% Milkweed, 30% Polyester

Waxed cotton outer shell

Elegant, unique and waterproof

Waxed canvas develops creases and wrinkles over time, reflecting its daily use throughout your activities. Just like a leather jacket or good quality jeans, this material develops a patina that embellishes and enriches it as it wears. Your bag will age like a fine wine!

Responsible & cruelty-free

The oil used to manufacture synthetic insulation is getting scarcer and more expensive, while down is questionable from an ethical standpoint. Milkweed can be farmed industrially in a win-win formula for nature and humans and performs better than its counterparts.

Respectful of monarchs

By purchasing a Lasclay product, you are directly helping the monarchs, an endangered species. An abundance of milkweed in rural areas provides them with invaluable breeding grounds before their great migration, after which we harvest the floss.