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What does Lasclay mean?
Lasclay is an invented name derived from the French word Asclepiade, which literally means Milkweed. Since our company is entirely dedicated to the preservation of monarch butterlies and their host plants (milkweeds), it was a simple and clean fit. We wanted our brand name to be about "L'Asclepiade" without sounding corny or simply too obvious. So, we decided to take the first two syllables "L'AS-CLÉ" and make sure everybody could pronounce it right by calling ourselves "LAS-CLAY". We love our French-Canadian culture and heritage, and so we thought Lasclay was the perfect bridge between our origins and our passion for milkweed.
Does harvesting milkweed harms monarch butterflies, since they depend on milkweed for reproduction?
No, it's actually the opposite! The white silky fibers that are harvested from the mature plant is of no interest to monarch butterflies, and is only available long after the monarchs have left Canada towards Mexico. As the days get shorter and colder in the fall, milkweed plants start shedding all the leaves that monarchs used to feed on, and concentrate their remaining energy to produce seed pods. Monarch caterpillars feed on young milkweed leaves and the adult butterflies feed on flower nectar from spring to late summer. When these resources are no longer available, monarchs are triggered to migrate back to Mexico, leaving behind them seed pods full of the silky fibers we use as insulation in our products. There is reason to believe that large-scale milkweed farming saved monarchs from near extinction in 2013 and helped them bounce back to population levels unseen since the late 1980s. To learn more, click here.

Accepted payment methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal as payment methods.
Where are your products made?
Everything happens in Quebec, whether we're talking about milkweed harvesting, product design, manufacturing and distribution. Our philosophy is to produce as locally as possible to reduce the environmental impact of the clothing industry. This project is our humble contribution towards this goal.
What makes milkweed a better insulation?
For winter clothing and accessories, two types of insulators are mainly used: Plastic fibers/membranes, such as Thinsulate, are made from petroleum exploitation (polyethylene and polypropylene). Animal fibers, such as fur or goose down. Each of these options has many environmental, social, and ethical disadvantages. There is no need to go into detail about the harmful impacts of oil exploitation and the moral stakes posed by animal exploitation for fur and down. Milkweed, on the other hand, provides a natural fiber derived from the indigenous plant itself. Milkweed is perfectly adapted to the climate of North America and generally does not require pesticides or chemical fertilizers. While the production of the main popular insulators harms the environment, the exploitation of milkweed provides benefits to its ecosystem, including providing food and nesting grounds for the precious monarch butterfly, an endangered species. It is also worth noting that it's very rare to find a win-win situation where the production and exploitation of raw material also benefits the environment To learn more, check out our information page on milkweed.

Do you have a sizing chart?
Yes, we do! You can find our sizing chart here.

How can I get a full invoice?
If you need a full invoice with our tax numbers and the rest of our business information for your accounting, simply write to us at with your order number and we'll provide you with a PDF version of your full invoice.
Indian status and tax exemption
In Canada, if you are registered as an Indian under the Indian Act, you are allowed to be exempted from paying taxes on your orders on if they are shipped to a First Nation address. We can easily create you an account so that all your present and future orders are tax-exempt. For more information, please contact us at and we'll walk you through the easy-to-follow procedure. _ This article from our help centre was written by non-Indigenous persons. If you find that some information is inaccurate and/or should be said differently, please reach out via email to let us know how we can improve this article.


Shipping time and tracking
The usual shipping time is 4 to 8 working days everywhere in Quebec. If you live outside of Quebec, the shipping time to the rest of Canada can vary from 5 to 14 days. The farther away you are from Eastern Canada, the longer it could take for your package to arrive. When an order is processed, a tracking number is sent by email so that a customer can see when they should receive their package.
Shipping rates
We offer free shipping anywhere in Canada for all our orders over $149.99 (Canada Post Expedited Parcel). We also offer faster shipping with Canada Post Xpresspost for an additional charge that varies by province. For orders under $150.00, shipping fees are $9.50.
Where do you ship?
Lasclay offers delivery anywhere in Canada at the moment.
I entered the wrong shipping address
If you entered the wrong shipping address when you ordered, please contact us as soon as possible at with your order number and/or invoice. If the package has already been shipped when the error is reported to us, you may be charged additional fees to receive your order.


Return policy
If you wish to return your Lasclay order, please respect the following rules: Return your items as soon as possible You have 15 days following the delivery of your order to request a return to our customer service. You can contact us via Messenger or at Items must be in their original condition (new) Items must not have been worn or washed and have no scuffs, scratches, stains, tears, hair, perfumes / odors. Some items cannot be returned All items displayed as final sale cannot be returned or exchanged. Important note Please note that only purchases made on can be accepted. Depending on each situation, we can offer the customer to choose between an exchange, store credit, or a refund. All refunds are made to the original payment method within 5-10 business days of confirmation of the refund.
Return process (Canada)
Before making a return, please verify that your request complies with our return policy, located in the tab above. Then, get in touch with us via Messenger or mentioning your order number and detailing your request. We make sure the returns process is simple, fast and efficient for our customers. We recommend that you keep the delivery packaging you received from us to easily return your order. Here is a summary of the steps in the return process: When customers tell us they want to return a product, we send them a prepaid return label within 1-2 business days; A handling fee ($7.95 CAD) will be charged to cover part of our costs and prevent abuse. The customers must print the return label and stick it on their package for shipment (ideally, please reuse the Lasclay packaging); They must put the product(s) in their package, including everything that came with it (contact us if you have any questions about this); The customers then leave the package in a letter box or at the nearest Canada Post office. You may not have to stand in line since your label is already prepaid by us; If the package is received by Lasclay and the inspection is approved by our team, we immediately proceed to the next step depending on the customers' choices (exchange, store credit, or refund).
Manufacturing defect
If you believe that any of your products appear to have a manufacturing defect and your return period has expired, please contact us by email at