Milkweed Oven Mitts

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🌡️ Milkweed insulation acts as an extremely effective thermal barrier. Your hands and surfaces will be safe from the heat.

🛡️ The inner lining of the oven mitts is a reflective fabric that repels heat from the outside, preventing it from penetrating quickly.

🔥 The high-density cotton canvas exterior repels heat and doesn't catch fire easily. During our tests, it withstood a direct flame for 5 seconds without catching fire.

Warning: Despite their performance, this product is not fire-resistant or flame-retardant and will not withstand direct and prolonged contact with an oven element or open flame. Caution is advised.


One Size


Shell: 100% high-density cotton canvas

Lining: 99% polyester, 1% reflective polypropylene

Insulation: 60% milkweed silk, 40% polyester