Thermal insoles

$17.00 USD


Check out our latest winter innovation: Milkweed-insulated insoles!

Specifically designed to withstand the chilly winters of northern regions, these insoles combine the incredible properties of milkweed and our carefully researched selection of technical fabrics. They will keep your feet warm and dry during your cold-weather outings. 

Say goodbye to frozen feet and fully enjoy your winter activities with peace of mind.


These insoles have been thoughtfully designed to withstand the primary forces exerted by body weight during everyday activities: compression, friction, and torsion.

The beaded fabric on the underside of the insole provides non-slip properties, ensuring the insole remains in place despite the compression and friction applied to it.

The quilting pattern is strategically designed to offer extra resistance to friction at the foot's pressure points, located at the heel and toe joints. The central portion of the insole, which aligns with the arch of the foot, has minimal quilting, preserving more cushioning and thus providing more support and insulating power to keep you warm and comfortable.

The top of the insole, made of Radiantex — the same material used in popular boot liners — reflects the heat emitted from the feet and repels the cold coming from the ground, all while wicking away moisture, ensuring your feet remain warm and dry inside your boots.


Our sizes follow the US shoe size chart.

Each size is suitable for both Men's and Women's shoe sizes. Please refer to the available sizes in the dropdown menu above.


Dessus: 100% polyester

Dessous: 65% polyester, 35% coton

Isolant: 70% asclépiade, 30% polyester