Milkweed Planting Guide

We have designed a simplified guide to synthesize the information that is available on the Internet, and based on the full guide by David Suzuki Foundation.

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 PNG version of Simplified milkweed planting guide by Lasclay

 Short on time?

There's a secret trick to germinate milkweed seeds faster. Milkweed naturally has a hard time breaking through the thick and robust membrane of its seed. You can give it a little help by following these steps:

Soak in shallow water (e.g. in a dish) for 1 or 2 days.
1.1 If possible, use dechlorinated water (left in the open air for 24 hours).
1.2 Keep the water at a temperature between 75°F and 85°F.
1.3 Change the water at least once a day.

Cut the pointed end of the seed with scissors.
Put back in the water.
Plant the sprouted seeds.

Clip milkweed seed to bypass cold stratification