Milkweed-insulated Cooler (Summer 2023)
Milkweed-insulated Cooler (Summer 2023)
Milkweed-insulated Cooler (Summer 2023)
Milkweed-insulated Cooler (Summer 2023)
Milkweed-insulated Cooler (Summer 2023)

Milkweed-insulated Cooler (Summer 2023)

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This product will be available, along with related products, in our Flexible Coolers Collection to be launched in Fall 2022 (lunch backpacks) and in Summer 2023 (coolers). 

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The first-ever cooler completely insulated with pure plant fibers.
Designed and made here in Canada.

We’ve been hearing about milkweed and its phenomenal insulating properties for some years. This relatively unknown gem has been used here and there, most notably in high-performance winter apparel. By preserving body warmth and keeping cold outside, our 100% milkweed-insulated mittens, for example, are warmer than any other insulating material, while having a much better environmental and ethical footprint.

But insulation also works backwards.

Keeping cold inside, and heat outside. Starting from this universal principle, we understood it was possible to use milkweed fibers as a thermal barrier… in a cooler!

We are so thrilled to present the world’s first cooler insulated entirely with milkweed floss, our Canadian silk. This insulated bag performs just as well as synthetic equivalents, but with a much smaller environmental footprint during its lifecycle. With its 100% hemp outershell, its easy-to-clean interior lining and naturally antibacterial properties, the Lasclay cooler will keep your food and drinks ice-cold during beach picnics, get-togethers in the park or camping trips.

After very promising results in our first test phases, we are finally doing real life validations this summer, to begin selling the product next summer. We are proud to introduce another eco-friendly, vegan and Canadian product, made with local materials. 

Harvested, designed and crafted with passion in Canada.

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Preliminary information


Outershell: 100% Hemp
Insulation: 100% Milkweed
Inner lining: Oxford Nylon

: 18'' x 12'' x 12''

Why Lasclay?

Respectful of monarchs

By purchasing a Lasclay product, you are directly helping the monarchs, an endangered species. An abundance of milkweed in rural areas provides them with invaluable breeding grounds before their great migration, after which we harvest the floss.

Discover the monarch
Responsible and cruelty-free

Oil-based synthetic insulation destroys entire ecosystems and the down industry needlessly causes suffering to geese and ducks. Milkweed is a perennial and indigenous plant. It is grown without pesticides or fertilizers and performs better than down or synthetic.

Discover milkweed
Perfect for the city or the outdoors

Our products are designed for hybrid use. The right balance between elegance and performance.

From harvest to your hands
100% milkweed insulation

Not all insulation has properties as amazing as milkweed.